Best Projector For Gaming Under 500 | Top 5 Picks In 2022

Who doesn’t want gaming on a bigger screen in this epic Esports era? Of course, if I got the same opportunity and time, I would go for that. However, considering you at my place and fulfilling that desire, I won’t let you down as such a decent gamer you are. Therefore, if you are looking for the best projector for gaming under 500, you should stick with me till the end of the day, and we are gonna come up with a healthy purchase.

Since technology has given us more extensive, decadent, and immersive display screens, these are too expensive and consume more space, power, and time setting up. Therefore, most people consider buying a projector for their particular streaming and presenting purposes.

At a Glance:

The reasons for having a projector are pretty straightforward, and I sum up in saying just one word, a device that makes cinema and presentation possible anytime and anywhere. So, let’s make you worry-free and fulfill your low-budget desires for gaming with a projector by buying a decent projector on a decent budget. I am here to guide you till the end, and you will be happy to get for what you are too desirous of making such an effort.

Hence, without wasting time, let’s start this conversation.

Quick Shopping Tips for Buying The Best 500 Gaming Projector:

For my less tech-savvy readers, I have made a list of some significant factors that will never go astray if you consider keeping these in mind while making the decision. With these factors, deciding on the best gaming projector under 500 is the easiest and reasonably a lifetime solution to the problems.

Display And brightness:

First thing first, before choosing a projector for gaming, make sure that it has a quality resolution as it must be the one supporting up to 1080p at least. However, if you get a 4k projector, that would be something band of the bucks.

Moreover, make sure that your projector is efficient enough to display quality images even inside the brighter lights. It means it must have more in numbers of lumens. Like a projector with at least 3000 lumens of brightness, you can have an excellent one for gaming under the sunlight. So, be sure that you choose the model with somewhat relative specs regarding display and brightness.

Lamp life and Contrast Ratio:

Some projectors offer relatively low lamp life as you will have to keep changing their lamp lights repeatedly. Therefore, be sure to have the one that would pass a quality life with you. A projector with at least 15000 hours of lamp life will easily cover your 10 years of projection if you use this projector for at least 4 hours every day.

Moreover, to make those images sharper and give them a more vibrant shape, you will also have to consider the contrast ratio of a particular one. In this case, select a projector with a reasonable contrast ratio as somewhat like 30,000:1. It would be enough to give a perfect shape to everything you project or see through your device.

Easy Installation:

The projector you are selecting for your gaming desires must be the one you can use or set up quickly. Quality projectors in this list give you a one-click setup and don’t bother you following complicated procedures. So, with such a projector, you will be the first one to bring your family together for home cinema needs.


Your projector must come with good connectivity ports, including HDMI, VGA, or USB ports. Having this will make you connect the media devices such as your Tv, laptop, Mobile, or Mac devices. Otherwise, you won’t project what you are buying this projector.

Top 5 Best Projector For Gaming Under 500 In 2022

Considering your needs for the best projector under budget, we have collected the top 5 projectors in this list. All of these products are wisely chosen and offer you seamless performance. So, let’s go for a little more detail about these projectors and make you select the product of the day.

AwardDesignUnder BudgetRetailer
Best Native Gaming Projector
YABER Y31 9000L Native Projector
Check Price
Best Overall Projector
Optoma HD146X Projector
Check Price
Best Budget Gaming Projector under 500
Budget PickEpson VS350 XGA 3 Projector
Check Price
Best Cheap Gaming Projector under 500
Staff PickViewSonic 3800 Lumens
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Best Value for Money
Best PickAZEUS Ture 7600 Lux Mini Projector
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YABER Y31 9000L Native Projector

YABER Y31 9000L Native Projector
YABER Y31 9000L Native Projector

Make your gaming experience seamless and effortless, with this most comprehensive budget projector being the first one on this list. The YABER Y31 is reasonably intelligent and convenient to use. It is lightweight and makes projection possible anytime in the world.

You can either use it inside your homes or make it your best choice for budget gaming. The option is yours! Despite talking about the bushes, let’s have a look at these blessings. This one will shower on your daily gaming desires with its ultimate features.

Innovative Display Turing:

Forgiving you quality results on display you will select, the projector includes an impressive 9000 lumens of brightness. You don’t need the complete darkness to have quality visuals while gaming on the go. It will efficiently work even under the maximum bright light.

With its FHD 1920 x 1080 native resolution, the projector can also run 4k videos but only at low frame rates. Otherwise, over 1080p, you can put any video, and it will be responsible for making your experience outstanding.

Moreover, the projector provides 10000:1 high dynamic resolution to make your images extra sharp and detailed. View your pictures with HD content without going towards the downscaling or compression. The video experience is 4 times extra qualitative and higher than the 720P, which is the best video experience you would ever get.

One-Click Setup:

Setting this masterpiece up is too convenient and time-saving. You hardly see projectors like this with such accessible setup features. With only one click, the projector will set itself up without bothering you to do it with your hands. The one-click to brighten quality and AUTO Vertical correction has 4D vertical & horizontal Keystone correction.

Moreover, with its One-click Restore and -25% zoom features, it makes its place under some best gaming projectors for 500 that you can quickly run from a remote control. It doesn’t matter where you hang it as either place it over a table or hang it with the ceiling. The projector will fit best.

Lamp Life with Built-in Speakers:

Guess what? You don’t need an extra pair of speakers for listening to the voices this masterpiece anchors. This best gaming projector under 500 comes with 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS accurate sound system that provides a tremendous auditory experience you ought to get with the external ones.

With such great audio technology, the projector includes an updated and advanced silent cooling system that comes with 3 built-in fans as if even this smarty gets a little hot. The heat must stay away. 

Moreover, you don’t need to pay more or extra money to change this projector’s lamp again and again. Because it’s SmartEco technology minimizes the lamp power consumption and extends its life by giving a maximum lamp life of 10000 hours, this is pretty amazing for such a budget projector to provide you with features like these. 

Get ultimate compatibility:

Want projection on the bigger screen? Have this best gaming projector under 500 to make your experience extremely reasonable. For this price range, the YABER Y31 stands on the higher ground by offering from 50 to 300 sized screen projections, even possible from a 10ft distance. This projector feature makes you stream gaming or whatever content you have from a reasonable distance, not missing any details.

On the other hand, the projector brings loads of media devices with 2 HDMI Ports, 2 USB ports, a VGA port, and an additional AV port. This connectivity lets you connect your phone, PC, Xbox, iPhone, Chromecast, or other devices you want to project through this projector. Just fantastic for bringing devices together. 

Why Should you buy this?

There are countless reasons for this projector making itself a home in your cart. With such fantastic features and 3 years of the lifetime warranty, you will feel like your money is in safe hands. For your authentic gaming experience over 1080p, the projector stands best to give a new spirit to your entertainment and infinite E-sport sessions. So, you shouldn’t ignore this masterpiece as who knows, and you will be able to get another one like this or not. 


  • Extraordinary and hardcore speakers
  • Large connectivity
  • Easy to set up and install 
  • More significant lamp life with more contrast ratio 
  • Perfect for commercial and home cinema needs


  • You could face a slight issue with focus

Optoma HD146X Projector

Optoma HD146X Projector
Optoma HD146X Projector

The second best projector for gaming under 500 is this Optoma HD146X Projector bringing HD content for everything you want to see or display during your daytime. The projector is very compact and lightweight to get to your favorite places and make it project your favorite movies or games. Under such a budget, the projector has quality features to make your dreams come true.

Incredible Display:

With its 1080p native resolution, presenting and displaying an image is more unique than ever before. The crispy and authentic experience comes with its RYGCWB color wheel that makes you set the colors easily according to your own home cinema color calibration needs.

Is the image not setting up at your actual focus and size? Have your mind on using its DLP DMD single-chip design feature that is always ready to ensure the perfect image alignment, ensuring a brighter and sharper video or image viewing experience.

Some projector only shows excellent image quality when you project them in the dark light. However, that’s not going to happen here. This one comes with 3600 lumens of brightness to display brighter images without missing details. Even if it is a full day and the sun is shining bright, you can have this best projector for gaming under 500 for displaying games or watching movies.

Longer Lamp Life:

With this projector for gaming under 500, you get a whole life working mood. It is possible with its 15,000 hours of lamp life. It is so economical as it doesn’t let you change the lamp and who knows that you might never change it. For up to 10 years, even if you run this lamp for an average of 4 hours on a daily basis, it will never mind and never go out of the road.

Crisper and Sharpening Image with more Response Time:

The dark scenes will remain detailed. The bright will appear extra brighter with its 500, 000:1 contrast ratio making your experience a more in-depth image. The smoothing lamp output and dynamic black technology are genuinely worth the display you project or want to project.

Moreover, it also comes with a faster response time of 16ms, which enhances your gaming when projecting them on faster FPS. Click for this enhanced gaming mode and experience the lightning-fast gaming experience you ever wish to have.


The last to discuss this unique piece of the pie is its extended connectivity. It comes with 1 USB port, 1 HDMI port, and 1 audio jack. You can connect your iPhone, PC, laptop, or even USB device for projecting any content you would like to launch on this work of art.

Should You Buy This?

Yes, of course, because for budget projection needs, the projector with its extremely high contrast, more significant lamp life, easy connectivity, and much more detailed image make your gaming experience worth it. You won’t be disappointed as this will never lag or jerk during display time. So, considering this will also satisfy you that you are spending your bucks on something people would love to go for.


  • Extremely sharpening image with the higher contrast ratio
  • Easy to set up and install
  • It contains excellent features exceptionally designed for gaming
  • Excellent accuracy for color


  • What You’d not like?
  • A little noisy

Epson VS350 XGA 3 Projector

Budget Pick
Epson VS350 XGA 3 Projector
Epson VS350 XGA 3 Projector

Epson produces quality projectors with lifetime longevity that stays unpredictable for whatever you perform or show on your display. This running on only 295 watts makes the cinematic experience worth that you might never have with any other because of its low power consumption feature. It is the one that is comparable running on low voltage and also comes with a reasonable budget of under 500.


Coming towards its projection, this best budget gaming projector under 500 gives you 3300 lumens of brightness. Such a level of intelligence makes you display images in two different modes, including white light output as well as color light output. You can shade your pictures with different colors and make them vibrant in whatever way you desire.

The native XGA resolution of 1024 x 768 doesn’t give you the FHD experience. Yet, it is a good budget projector to make you display quality images. Moreover, it has 1.5x more resolution, making your text a little bold and presentations extra brighter, giving excellent details.

Easy Setup:

This compact projector makes even a less tech-savvy person like you set this up easily and quickly. Just bring your EPSON VS350 best projector for gaming under 500 and use its convenient controls. It takes a spur of the moment to adjust your image and give it the perfect shape you want to have in front of you.


The projector is built to adapt to the latest technology media devices such as laptops and other media players. With its HDMI support, you can connect whatever you desire. Moreover, it does give you speakers so that you don’t have to go for the external ones when you don’t need such a heavy voice.

Why Should You Buy This?

Even though the projector is not THAT great as the above ones, we have already discussed it. Yet, it is a valuable piece you can have for small and medium gaming desires under a reasonable budget. Not with the FHD or 4k display, but it is good on 720p as this thing should keep being in your mind while selecting this projector. Therefore, be sure that you are good to go with this projector. If you don’t, you can consider one of the above extraordinary ones.


  • Best for casual gamers
  • Under budget projector
  • Easy to set up
  • Good brightness


  • Not designed for gaming on 4k or 1080p
  • Limited connectivity

ViewSonic 3800 Lumens

Staff Pick
ViewSonic 3800 Lumens
ViewSonic 3800 Lumens

The second last one of the best projectors for gaming for 500 is this ViewSonic 3800 lumens projector is ready to fulfill your low-budget gaming projection needs. With this one, installation is easier, and projection is efficient. Build your castle and project your favorite movies with this gaming projector because nobody or nothing will disturb you.


With 3800 lumens of brightness, the projection is possible even in bright lights. The versatility is on the map with advanced visual features you can use inside your business environments or education. You can have a giant circle of 120 inches even from a distance of 15 feet. It was never possible until the ViewSonic arrived for your particular projection desires.

Setting Up is easier:

The projector is straightforward to use and install at your favorite places. Just use the plug and play feature and go for projecting your presentations, videos, and pictures. On top of that, it’s easy-fitting dimensions with accurate experienced technology. The projector works nicely.

Display and Lamp life:

With this best cheap gaming projector under 500, image projection is qualitative with different resolutions from 480i to 1080p that meet your particular device’s needs and shoot requirements. You can connect the compatible devices, including all platforms such as NTSC, PAL, SECAM, LAPTOP, Mobile phone, and everything in your hands.

On the other side, the projector contains 15000 hours of lamp life that, with its Eco Mode, allows the lamp to shine brighter and vibrant.


That’s true that you can project different things on different resolutions and all of this is possible with HDMI, VGA, and USB ports. Such compatibility is genuinely worth the price you can get inside this one.

Why Should You Buy This?

The projector makes an accessible place, not inside your room or business room but also your heart. With its easy setup, utility, durability, and suitable materials construction, and all that is worth it, you will be spending your money on a projector for a lifetime. So, thinking of not going would only delay you from streaming your favorite games without facing any lags.


  • Easy to set up
  • Best under budget 
  • Durable and long time use
  • Quality features 


  • Not projecting a 4k display.

AZEUS Ture 7600 Lux Mini Projector

Best Pick
AZEUS Ture 7600 Lux Mini Projector
AZEUS Ture 7600 Lux Mini Projector

As the name shows, the AZEUS Ture is a mini projector built for your particular projection needs making it wholesome of productivity, efficiency, and durability no matter where you go or what you desire to perform. This compact and lightweight projector can be installed inside many low-space places and takes less space inside your backpack. Yes, you can have it for on-the-go projection needs.

Quality Display:

This best projector for gaming under 500 is built to show images and videos on wider screens with FHD 1080 resolution. Pat yourself on the shoulder, and thank you for its XGAW quality resolution. With this, giving your presented content a soul provides you a 3000:1 contrast ratio, making the image 80% sharper than it was ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you present the graphics, movies, or games. Because everything will come out with accurate colors and lifetime quality results. On the image brightness side, this best 500 gaming projector contains 5000 lumens of brightness over the display size of 40 to 200. Its LED light source with a TFT LCD is a perfect selection for both LEDs as well as LCDs.

Lamp Life:

Like other quality projectors, this one also saves your money. It provides you a never-ending lamp life of 50 000 hours that also consumes lower energy than other bulbs inside different projectors. What else would you desire under such a budget and inside a quality projector like this? Yes, you should desire it, and therefore, the projector is here to make you shine.

Hi-Fi sound:

Does it bother you having a projector and still looking for an additional pair of speakers? Yes, it bothers me, but the projector is holding you back to make you get out of this difficulty. This one comes with an advanced pair of speakers having 5W quality that delivers impressive HiFi sound quality without causing any unnecessary sounds.

Moreover, it also makes the heat disappear from its body with its dual fan technology built to last and make your gaming under 500 projection experience extremely outstanding. No matter how you go with this, the projector will go with you smoothly, calmly, seamlessly, and qualitatively as it is constructed with innovative quality materials.


Coming towards the connectivity this smarty offers, the projector provides enough ports to collaborate with any media device. It doesn’t matter if you get the HDMI, AV, USB, PS4 connection, LAPTOP, Phone, TV box, or anything else. You will be accessible by connecting each device with the laptop that is reasonably on the mark.

Why Should You Buy This?

This best gaming projector under 500 dollars is too compact to make an accessible place at your desired locations. It comes with brilliant features you wish to have inside this particular budget of 500 dollars. Moreover, it’s easy connectivity, high-quality sounds, and longer lamp life with extra lumens of brightening make it a great product in this list of some best projectors for gaming under 500. So, what else is taking you so long not to select this great product?


  • Portable and easy to carry with less weight
  • Longer lamp life
  • Quality sounds
  • Best for gaming on 1080p
  • Good connectivity


  • No Dolby support
  • A minor issue with connectivity through USB

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gaming projector under 500?

If you need the best projector for gaming on a budget of 500 dollars, I would like you to consider buying the YABER Y31. It is the best product with loads of quality features and additions. You can have it for fulfilling your gaming desires at an excellent display with excellent resolution.

Is a projector under 500 necessary for gaming?

It all depends on you as to what purpose you will have. But in the case of gaming, you can have the best budget gaming projector under 500 as this provides an excellent display anytime, anywhere, at a relatively low price. For those who don’t wanna indulge themselves in nasty, more extensive collections, the projector is indeed a great choice to make.

Which brand projector is best?

Every brand projector is tremendous but considering something from YABER, ViewSonic, and Epson would be worth the money and time. Therefore, these brands are best for choosing the projector of your desires.


It’s good to see you here at this end of the article as we hope that you have got your best projector for gaming under 500. It is indeed a significant decision you have made as most people don’t be able to do so. However, please let us know if you are still stuck on something through the comment box. Mention your particular problem, and my team will ensure that you can solve it.

In the end, thanks for reading. Keep reading and keep projecting through the best projector you have bought today. Have a nice day!

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