Top 5 Best Mini Projector For Netflix In 2022

If you love watching movies on Netflix and looking for the best mini projector for Netflix, you have landed on the best place to find your perfect desire. Netflix is very popular these days, and its shows are more. Therefore, people prefer buying large android LEDs, TVs, and other media sources to stream their favorite TV shows and movies. But what about a mini projector? Is it worth getting for Netflix?

At a Glance:

Will it project the content on higher pixels you would like to watch? Well, a lot of questions you might be having inside your mind. And to cover them all, plus making you buy the best one today for your particular needs, I am gonna describe some high-quality projectors in this post. So, without wasting time, let’s start finding out the answers to these questions as well as make you ready to spend your money on a product worth buying. It’s gonna be easier, so don’t worry at all. 

Important Recommendations To Buy The Best Mini Projector For Netflix:

Before you go buying the best mini projector to make your Netflix movie watching dreams on a bigger screen a reality, you should know some essential features I will be listed below. Because all of these will help you choose the best product to make your movie experience much better than before. So, let’s have a look:

Image Quality:

You need to ensure that a particular mini projector you are going by for Netflix projections is its picture quality. Because you need the most satisfactory and brightest results on your display screen, you must choose a mini projector with HD and FHD resolutions. It must also have many lumens of brightness as the more it will be, the brighter the image it will produce. 

Therefore, if you want movies outside or in the sunlight, you should go for the one with more lumens of brightness. However, if your purpose is to buy a projector only for home use, you don’t need to be worried about this thing. With this, also look for the lamp life and durability of the projector. 

Portability and Size:

Be sure to have a projector that is easier to carry and bring to your favorite places. Therefore, you must choose a small and portable projector in size and can be carried to your favorite places. Because movies don’t have to be only at home. They must be during beach time, outing or camping. 

Connectivity and Netflix Support:

The most important thing to consider before buying the best is whether it will be able to give you the projection you need or not? So, you must always consider buying a mini projector with a good number of ports so that you can bring your laptop, mobile, PC, TV. Or anything around it and connect with it effortlessly. It must offer a good number of ports or wireless connectivity. Plus, you must also make sure that your chosen projector will be able to let you subscribe to your Netflix account and make you project those high-rated shows you would love watching. But let me know what are you gonna watch especially? Maybe I have better suggestions!


Ah, don’t worry about the price when you have a free Netflix account. Because I know, you would just be like me as I am using my friend’s account. No need for a subscription! But to have a projector, you must not be that silly. Collect some money, dude, of around 60 to 150 bucks and buy the best mini projector for yourself so that you would never have to worry about going to the cinema.

Our Recommendation For Best Mini Projector For Netflix

AwardDesignMini ProjectorsRetailer
Best Budget Mini Projector Netflix
Staff PickMini Projector, HOMPOW 5500L
Check Price
Best Value For Money
Best PickKODAK Luma 350
Check Price
Best Portable Projector For Netflix
Optoma UHD52ALV Voice
Check Price
Best Pico Projector For Netflix
Budget PickPico Projector-Artlii 2021
Check Price
Best Mini Movie Theater Projector
CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater
Check Price

Mini Projector, HOMPOW 5500L

Staff Pick
Mini Projector HOMPOW 5500L

For your Netflix cinematic desires, the first one to bless your home cinema. This HOMPOW, one of the best mini projectors for Netflix, is at the top of the list and is gonna make a more profound place inside your heart. The lifetime working capacity, the excellent design, and lots of features will make this masterpiece your today’s best choice for the best mini projector you will have for Netflix. Find yourself immersed in the projector’s unique features, as I am gonna discuss below. 

Portable and Much Friendly:

The projector doesn’t make you limited and sticks to only one place. Because with its ultra-portable 7.3 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches dimensions, you can easily backpack it and have it to kill outdoor movies. You can have it in your camping or other outdoor movies while viewing them on Netflix. Besides this, the projector is very friendly. Because it has an upgraded noise reduction technology that makes you watch your movies peacefully. And this happens without getting disturbed by the noise a specific projector can produce. 

Projection Quality:

The projector will make you watch your movies on Netflix without missing a single detail. You can have it and project up to 1920x1080p FHD movies anywhere in the world. Have more pacific results with this mini projector that you might not have with any other out there. Moreover, the projector has 50,000 hours of lamp life, making you worry-free for 30 years about replacing the lamp bulb. It makes sure that you will never be spending more money on replacing the bulb again and again. 

With such enduring light technology, now your movies will be 80 percent brighter than before. Because this best mini projector for watching Netflix comes with 5500 lumens of brightness, letting you watch movies even under direct sunlight. The result will still be satisfactory and impressive. 

Also, with its 3000:1 contrast ratio, your displayed content will be sharper and crisper that will touch your eyes. So, enjoy your desired Netflix shows with your friends or have it for creating a home theater. The projector will not mind. Because it stands best for projecting 50 to 176 inches HD displays from a distance of 60 to 200 inches. So, it is on you whether you go for streaming Netflix or your favorite games. You will always have fantastic visuals in front of you. 

Connectivity and Other Features:

For connecting your needed devices with this mini projector, the projector offers you intelligent and comprehensive connectivity. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, TC Sticks, USB, or any other media source such as PS5. You can easily project these devices’ content on a bigger wall.

Because this tabletop projector lets everyone work with it without complaining about anything. There is also android support that lets you project your content from Netflix. 

Besides this, the mini projector is straightforward to adjust and install even at the most compact places. With this, you will have ±15 keystone corrections of the latest technology. Therefore, all you need to do is press the button, and the projector will make itself ready to project movies for you.


  • Excellent picture quality with more brightness
  • Netflix utility
  • Long lamp life
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Unlimited connectivity


  • Speakers are not loud enough

KODAK Luma 350

Best Pick
KODAK Luma 350

Have you bought your Netflix subscription and are looking for the best mini projector that could easily project some of your favorite shows like Game of Thrones or Lucifer? Well, if not, you are going to have it inside this KODAK Luma 350, the best portable projector for Netflix. 

The projector is very portable, easy to use and makes cinema possible anytime and in any part of the world. So, let’s take a little deeper look at what we have today inside this one of the best projectors for Netflix


This pocket-size projector comes in a convenient and portable size containing only 1.8 pounds weight and having clause ‎7.6 x 6.77 x 2.48 inches dimensions. You can keep it inside your pocket and watch movies indoors or outdoors. You don’t need to hold heavy-weight projectors with you while going for a picnic, and you need a portable one. Because this best portable projector for streaming Netflix is coming to fulfill your particular needs. 

Picture Quality:

The projector stands best for projecting some finest quality HD videos and images through its Breakthrough Digital Light Processing Technology. Have wider and stunner colors with this masterpiece by projecting larger images of up to 150 inches. 

With this projector, you will have up to 350 lumens of brightness, making your screens brighter whenever you use this epic projector inside your room. But such lumens of brightness are not recommended in outdoor environments such as bright light. 

You will also get 30000 hours of lamp life for using this class projector for more extended uses. Have it and make your cinematic experience stunner with its 3500:1 contrast ratio and up to 16.7 million display colors. With 720p resolution, the picture quality would be better in this price tag for rendering and projecting your favorite displays. 

Connectivity with Netflix Support:

This mini projector has flawless connectivity through HDMI, USB, Screen Mirroring using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from your mobile or any other device. So, bring all your media sources to the same place and let the work for you with this class projector for your Netflix movies desires. 

It also comes with Android 6.0 support and IOS support that lets you use Netflix by entering your account and password. You don’t need complicated setups or lengthy procedures because of remote control. You can operate this masterpiece without facing any problems.

Moreover, this best mini projector to play Netflix also has built-in speakers. If you don’t satisfy yourself with this sound, you can pair another set. Have more to enjoy and adjust this masterpiece either with your room ceiling or over the table. It will work everywhere perfectly.


  • Portable and compact projector
  • Has quality display 
  • Project HD images with this projector
  • Intelligent and efficient connectivity with Android and IOS support
  • Projecting images on a bigger screen of 150 inches 


  • Not recommended to use in bright light environments

Optoma UHD52ALV Voice

Optoma UHD52ALV Voice

The third best mini projector for Netflix on this list is this Optoma UHD52ALV Voice projector that is again something durable, portable, and worth buying. The projector’s best thing to talk about is its relatively low budget in which it is coming. You can complete your Netflix movie desires without spending a fortune. Because this UHD projector will make the experience everlasting. 

Picture Quality:

This intelligent technology equipping the best budget projector for Netflix can easily project some immersive results creating more comprehensive and qualitative displays. With this, you can project up to 4k UHD and Full HD videos or images over brightness of 3500 lumens, making those gloomy visuals UHD brighter. 

It has an HDR10 feature, the latest technology for adding a crispy, sharper, and unique look into your displayed visuals. You can also find the HLG support that makes those black a little deeper black and exerts vivid colors on your display side. 

With this, the projector includes 1500 hours of lamp life that even if you consume it for at least 4 hours daily, it will stand out for almost 10 years. It means no need to replace the lens again and again. Just have this projector and make your watching experience never-ending. 

Portability and Size:

This one is also portable and can be brought to your favorite places. With just ‎15.4 x 11.1 x 5.1 inches of dimensions, the projector will fit in any place you would like to have it. No more questions! Just grab it inside your backpack and have movies with you, even on a world tour. It will never let you down in any case. 

Connectivity With Netflix Support:

You will find many connectivity options with this high-end projector that comes with HDMI and HDCP connectivity making sure that you can easily connect some 4K UHD video sources. Now, you can project through your laptop, Mobile phone, TV, even directly through the USB, and more. 

For Netflix support on both android and IOS, it comes with Android and IOS support, making sure you can project easily only using the projector. There will even be no need for a media device. Moreover, the projector also has some quality features, including Alexa. It lets you operate this smarty even through your voice. With its Google Actions and IFTTT integration, you will get a more demanding quality projector. 

The installation of this projector is a lot easier with its Vertical lens shift and up to 1.3x zoom feature. It lets you adjust the position of your projector without facing trouble. Above all, you will have this projector on a convenient budget that a person fond of movies like you can quickly pay for. Believe me. You will forget your android TV when you have this mini projector working inside your room.


  • It projects UHD images 
  • Get long hours of lamp life
  • Portable and easy to install 
  • Smart and easy connectivity 
  • Consumes less space and works in brighter environments


  • Loud color wheel
  • A little buggy Alexa Integration

Pico Projector-Artlii 2021

Budget Pick
Pico-Projector - Artlii-2021
Pico Projector – Artlii 2021

Empty your pocket and fill it with this one of the smartest and ultra-portable projectors named PICO Projector. This 2021 latest model comes in the size of a small mobile that you can easily have inside your pocket or bag. You can bring it to your most favorite places and watch movies nonstop. It will give you immersive results and quality projection even in this small size. 


As I have discussed before, the projector is tiny and compact, just like a cola can. You can have it inside your bag or pocket for traveling anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will not even need a source of electricity for running it. Because you can charge it and use it when there is no electricity around. Also, if you have plans for a movie night while camping, you must have this projector because it will suit you best in this regard. 

Picture Quality:

The projector comes with fantastic picture quality. It can easily project up to 720 HD images over a brightness of 600 lumens. I recommend you only use this bright projector under low light or dim rooms. It can project 60 inches large images being on the table or any smooth surface. 


For your best projector for Netflix desires, the projector gives you maximum connectivity equipping a USB port, HDMI port, SD card reader port, and a lot more. Moreover, you will also get AUDIO and AV interfaces so that you can connect your laptop, tablet, Chromecast, or any other media device. 

Including all this, the projector is friendly for the children as it doesn’t give much harm to their eyes. It lets you project on a little vast distance so that those lovely eyes may stay safe. Above all, you will find this best Pico projector for Netflix on a meager budget that anyone can spend to have a value for money device. Plus, the installation and operation, this projector is also easier.


  • Intelligent, compact, and a lot handy device 
  • Good connectivity 
  • Displaying good quality images
  • Available at a very reasonable price tag
  • It makes projection safe for the eyes


  • Only recommended to use in dim light

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

The last best mini projector for Netflix for making your cinematic desires on top is this CINEMOOD portable movie theater projector that comes with the latest technology and much more. Have it bring a new life to those dead pixels by an extraordinary viewing performance of this masterpiece. This cube-sized projector is just like holding your EarPods inside your bag and accessing them in any crowded or at any place. 


With this projector, you will always have your Netflix with you whenever you are on the go. With just 0.5 lbs. weight, and 5 hours of rechargeable battery life, you will never find yourself alone. Because a whole pack of movies, TV shows, and Netflix cinema is coming with you. You don’t need a constant electricity connection to operate this projector. Just a single charge, and you are good to go.

Picture Quality:

You will find this projector projecting a 150 inches larger image from a 12 feet distance to make you view more. It is suitable for working in dim environments because you will not find high lumens of brightness with this projector. On the other hand, the lamp life is good and therefore, it will stand out for a more extended period. 

Streaming Limitless:

The projector brings a whole world of content with just the click of your fingers. You will be able to access and stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Ameba TV, YouTube, and more through its menu screen. You will be able to directly project your favorite content without facing much trouble through Wi-Fi or any other media device. 

Moreover, this best mini projector with Netflix also gives you a lot of opportunities, including educational content from Disney for your children. You will find a whole Disney library, including 40 Disney e-books and 25 short videos plus cartoons for your toddlers or little pie. Make him play and watch more with this best mini projector for iPhone Netflix.

Connect Your favorite devices:

With this best mini projector for streaming Netflix, you can also connect the iPhone or iPad but not android because it only supports so. Besides this, find a perfect mood and make this projector project on birthdays, celebrations, and other occasions. The best to talk about is its small price tag that can pay anyone. So, do not take too long to make your Netflix screen bigger and broader.


  • Small pocket-size projector
  • Has good quality results
  • Own storage with lots of media options
  • Awesome connectivity
  • Easily affordable 
  • Best tool for your kid’s entertainment


  • It doesn’t work perfectly under bright lights

Frequently Asked Questions

Which projector is best for Netflix?

For Netflix, I would suggest you the best projector on this list: Mini Projector, HOMPOW 5500L projecting FHD quality images with more brightness. It will become your best choice for projecting your favorite visual content through any media device. You will be able to watch your Netflix movies on an immersive screen without missing anything.

Can you play Netflix from the iPhone to the projector?

Yes, you can play Netflix from your iPhone to the projector. Still, for that, your projector must be supporting the connectivity of IOS devices. Therefore, be sure to find the mini projector that is best for creating projections through the iPhone device you have. Usually, a projector like this comes with IOS and Android Support built-in, so it would be easier for you to find such a projector if you keep this feature in your mind. 

Can I watch Netflix on my mini projector?

Of course, you can watch your Netflix content through a mini projector, and you shouldn’t be in doubt about this. It lets you watch shows you love on a bigger screen and with astonishing results. But make sure that you spend your money on an excellent mini projector for that.

Which projector is best for watching movies?

Any projector with some quality display features will suit best for watching movies. You can buy any projector you want but make sure you get an immersive cinema-quality through that. It must be with a little more lumens of brightness and resolution. If you find such a projector, you will be able to watch the movies you want through that best mini projector for movies. 

Does a mini projector work with an iPhone?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it will work flawlessly if you can produce the right accessory to make it happen. Like, you need a projector that could easily support your iPhone mobile without complaining about anything. And once you are successful in doing so, nothing can stop you from projecting your needed content on a projector through the iPhone. 

Final Thought:

Most probably, if you have made it to this end of the article, you might have got your best mini projector for Netflix. Indeed, you need to follow no hard and fast rules but just to find value for your money. It means the projector must be high quality on the display side, and it must be offering you to connect more devices with it.

Because through this, you will be able to project your favorite videos or images on a bigger and more quality screen. But if you are still confused about something, you can use the comment box to send me the queries you have in your mind, and I will respond to that as soon as possible. In the end, thanks for reading, keep reading and take care of yourself. Have a lovely day to you!

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